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While my brother Tony and I each had GI Joes in our childhood, including the prized Deep Sea Diver accessory, we never had one as cool as this. A dear friend of mine gave me this GI Joe Space Capsule and figure leftover from his childhood. Made by Hasbro, Item number 7961, dated 1969, the set came with the spaceman, floating capsule with sliding canopy and glow-in-the-dark cockpit, as well as a soundtrack record and comic book. My Joe is missing his boots, gloves and all accessories and is still way cool!

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GI Joe Space Capsule by Hasbro

These are WWII 50th Anniversary edition GI Joes from 1995. Target exlusives, I paid around $15 each for my five numbered copies. Unfortunately, everyone else in the world also bought these re-issues aimed at the collector's market and they are now worth only around $10. All of my copies are Caucasian though African American versions were also produced. I have one of each with blond hair and a second Pilot with black hair. Second photo is of the Action Marine.

WWII 50th Anniversary Action Marine GI Joe by Hasbro WWII 50th Anniversary GI Joes by Hasbro
Name: GI Joe Space Capsule
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Vintage: 1969
Obtained: From a friend
From local Target store
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