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Astro Launch is a tin (steel) game from the Ohio Art Company, a toymaker probably most well known for the Etch-A-Sketch. The game is played like Parcheesi/Aggravation/Trouble with a twist that one can take a short cut across the globe back to home if they are lucky with the roll of the die. A precursor to the "Pop-O-Matic", the die is rolled via a knob on each side of the game that pulls and releases a small spring-loaded "plunger" under the die. Ingenious. My game is nearly complete but has only three, instead of four, of each color of space capsule. Update: some kind reader who had a copy of the game with extra pieces sent me one of each color capsule--my game is now complete! The box for this game is notoriously weak and mine was in pretty bad shape. I reinforced it thoroughly with cardboard and all is right with the world. Mine even came with the instructions. Very cool. Item number 542 dated 1963.

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As stated above, Astro Launch is a knock off of the classic game Parcheesi . The most popular Parcheesi knock-offs are still produced. You know them as Trouble by Milton Bradley and Aggravation by Parker Brothers.

Other rocket / flight / space related toys in my collection: Aeronautic Lab Kit by Logix (Science Fair), Apollo 11 Playset by IPI Toys, Cap Rockets by various manufacturers, Cape Kennedy Carry-All by Marx, GI Joe Space Capsule by Hasbro, Johnny Astro by Topper, Moon Blast Off by Schaper.


Astro Launch Game by Ohio Arts Astro Launch Game Box

Name: Astro Launch
Manufacturer: Ohio Art Company
Vintage: 1960s
Obtained: From eBay .
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