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The Chutes Away Game is a very cool toy that is completely mechanical. Wind up the revolving target base, look through the view finder and try to drop the parachutes into the landing holes in the target. Made by Gabriel, it is item number 27330, dated 1978. Below the original version of the toy is the much more rare Night Rescue version, item number 20331 dated 1979. There is a small light on the bottom of the plane used to illuminate part of the landing field and the plane is a jet instead of a prop.

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Chutes Away Box Chutes Away Game Chutes Away Control Panel Chutes Away Chutes

Chutes Away Night Rescue Box Chutes Away Night Rescue Game Chutes Away Night Rescue Control Panel Chutes Away Night Rescue Plane and Chutes
Name: Chutes Away
Manufacturer: Gabriel
Vintage: 1978, 1979
Obtained: From eBay .
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