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Chip Away is an interesting sculpting toy by Kenner starting in 1972. Each sculpture starts out as a solid block of marble and the young Michelangelo uses a mallet and chisel to uncover the masterpiece. Initially there were three sets, all from 1972 and all numbered 3100. Shown below in order are the statues from the Domestic Animals, Circus Animals, and original Sports Figures sets. Later sets included a Flintstones branded set and an additional Sports Figures set (Hockey, Swimmer, Bowler). As you can see, sculptures were also released individually like my bowler. It is rumored that there was an astronaut figure but I've not seen it. The toy is incredibly rare and finding one in unused condition is very, very hard--though when they come up for bid they don't go for as much as one would think. I've scanned the Chip Away Instructions that came with my sculptures.

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Similar to Chip Away was the less popular Whittle Away also by Kenner where one can carve wooden logs into an alligator, totem pole and cannon figure. Other toys in my collection where you sculpt/cast things include Formex 7 by Emenee, Magic Memory and Plasticast by Rapco, Master Caster by Mattel, and Metal Molder by Toymax. Plaster Casting Sets for monsters, dinosaurs, your own hand... are available at


Chip Away Animals set by Kenner

Chip Away Circus set by Kenner

Chip Away Sports set by Kenner

Chip Away Flintstone set by Kenner

Chip Away Bowler figure by Kenner

Name: Chip Away
Manufacturer: Kenner
Vintage: 1970s
Obtained: From eBay .
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