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The Plasticast plastic embedding craft kit from Rapco. I always remember seeing this kit in the Christmas catalogs and wishing I would get one. The ability to make paperweights and jewelry using liquid plastic resin. How cool is that? Below are the four copies of the kit that I own.

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This is the earliest kit I have with instructions printed in April, 1969. Model number 1269, this set is, to the best of my knowledge, absolutely complete, though the plastic resin has long since dried out. The butterfly wings appear to be real though they have fake paper bodies, no doubt so they will lie flat in the resin.

Plasticast Box Plasticast

This next set has instructions printed in October, 1969. Also known as Model number 1269, this set included the extra 8-cavity jewelry mold and jewelry settings. The set is missing only the resin. The previous owner appears to have used this set extensively as he/she put label maker tape on each mold telling how many ounces of resin it took.

Plasticast Box Plasticast Plasticast

This third set, again known as Model number 1269, has slightly different box art than the other two. This one shows representations of items you can actually make while the older boxes showed both square and pyramid shaped items, shapes that were never available in molds. The instructions are dated June, 1973 and by this time Rapco, known as a division of Martin Yale Industries on the previous two kits is shown as an Escalade Company. The paper measuring cups are now imprinted with the Rapco name while the ones in the earlier kits were off the shelf cups from Lily.

Plasticast Box Plasticast

The last set is the substantially smaller Model number 1271S dated 1973. Contains only two large molds including an octagon not available in earlier kits. Mine is missing the resin and the butterfly/fern/seashell pack but does have two completed castings.

Plasticast Box Plasticast
Name: Plasticast
Manufacturer: Rapco
Vintage: Late 1960s to early 1970s
Obtained: eBay , private seller.
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