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Whittle Away is a cool toy by Kenner that allows the budding carver to discover three plastic toys by whittling away the wax logs that surround them. An alligator, cannon, and totem pole come out of the wax ready for painting. This is item number 33601 dated 1972 and is the only whittling set produced. Prior to getting this unused set, I bought just a set of wax logs separately. Since I had these spares, I started to carve the alligator to see how the process worked. I'll admit that I used a butter knife instead of the plastic knife that came with the kit.

Also from Kenner in the same time period was the more popular Chip Away set where the sculptor would expose statues of generic sports figures, animals, and Flintstones.

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Whittle Away Box Front by Kenner Whittle Away Box Back by Kenner Whittle Away Contents by Kenner Whittle Away Alligator by Kenner

Name: Whittle Away
Manufacturer: Kenner
Vintage: 1972
Obtained: From eBay .
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