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The Formex 7 Casting Set by Emenee is a very cool molding toy. You would know the molding compound Formex 7 better as "wax". The wax is melted via light bulb and poured into molds to make soldiers, jeeps, and cannons with the Military Company set, item number 4000. The Little Doll Family set is item number 4005 and makes Mom, Dad, Brother, Big and Little Sister, Dog, and Cat. Both sets I have are dated 1964. My Military set is nearly complete and the Dolls set is unused with the molds still sealed.</>

Other sets available included Monsters, Cowboys & Indians, Jungle Animals, School Room, Military Mobile Units, and Dolls of Other Countries. I have seen the Monsters set go for well over $200.00 on eBay.

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Other casting toys in my collection include Magic Memory and Plasticast by Rapco, Master Caster by Mattel, and Metal Molder by Toymax. Plaster Casting Sets for monsters, dinosaurs, your own hand... are available at

Formex 7 Box Formex 7
Formex 7 Box Formex 7
Name: Formex 7
Manufacturer: Emenee Industries
Vintage: 1960
Obtained: From eBay .
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