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Nervous Breakdown Super Skill Puzzles were released by Kohner starting in 1968. Known as dexterity puzzles these ones were quite unique (and hard) as they have a mirror one looks in to see the small steel balls and the puzzle surface. First released in black (I believe), the puzzles were re-released, probably in the 1970s with red bases. Seeing the puzzles in other colors is quite rare though I've seen them with blue, purple and green bases and the Tic-Tac-Toe version occasionally has a blue puzzle field instead of yellow. Items for the black and red series are numbered 7972A - 7972F and for reasons unknown, some of the letters were changed between the two series. The green puzzle, the only one I've ever seen on a card, is number 172B and dated 1969 instead of 1968. As shown, each puzzle had four or five different variations for play on the back of the header card. Very cool puzzles.

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Other dexterity puzzles/toys in my collection: Belly Ache by Kohner, Crazy Maze by Lakeside, Fascination (two player maze race game) by Remco, Marble Maze by Hasbro, Skill-It and Tilt 'N Roll by Milton Bradley.

Nervous Breakdown by Kohner - Black case series Nervous Breakdown by Kohner - game variations for each black puzzle Nervous Breakdown by Kohner - Red based series Nervous Breakdown by Kohner - Five changeable puzzle tops with one black base
Nervous Breakdown by Kohner - Rare purple based version Nervous Breakdown by Kohner - Rare green carded version Nervous Breakdown by Kohner - Blue Background Tic Tac Toe

The puzzle molds were re-used in the Up the Wall series of puzzle by Gabriel. Each featured a yellow base (still embossed with the words 'Kohner Nervous Breakdown, 1968'), an existing puzzle configuration, but new puzzle graphics. Here in the same positions as the black games above are the six Up the Wall puzzles created.

Up the Wall variations released by Gabriel
Name: Nervous Breakdown, Up the Wall
Manufacturer: Kohner, Gabriel
Vintage: 1968 and later
Obtained: From eBay .
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