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Marble maze from Hasbro. Very neat toy that I remember from my youth. Both my brother and I had one of these and we got so good at it that we eventually used to see not if we could get to the end but how many times we could run the marble all the way through the maze both forward and backwards. Item number 2620, there is no date on the package but I have to think it is from the early 1960s. This plastic maze was mated with untold numbers of different cardboard backings to make different themed mazes, my copy is kinda generic fantasy with the Giant's Castle, Blood Lake, Man Eating Plants, etc. The ones my brother and I had I believe were Outer Space/Space Travel themed and there were also lots of TV themed ones including Batman and Superman. Below the Hasbro Maze is a re-issue from Schylling in 2006 and a wooden Sponge Bob Squarepants Labyrinth game that is unbranded and not dated

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Other marble mazes in my collection: Belly-Ache by Kohner, Crazy Maze by Lakeside, Fascination (two player maze race game) and Fascination Pool by Remco, Skill-It and Tilt 'N Roll by Milton Bradley.

Marble Maze Game in it's Box Marble Maze Game by Hasbro Marble Maze reissue by Schylling Sponge Bob Squarepants Labyrinth Maze
Name: Marble Maze
Manufacturer: Hasbro, Schylling
Vintage: 1960s, 2006
Obtained: From eBay and as a Christmas gift.
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