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Cascade by Matchbox is a way cool battery operated game. Consisting of the spiral lift, three thumper drums, the score pit, reload ramp, and the plastic mat. Originally the game came with 10 steel balls and my copy came with none. I found five suitable balls in my stock of ball bearings and set to get my game in working order. As is common with the toys I buy, this game needed much work. The brass battery bar that carries juice from the battery to the motor was out of the toy due to a plastic pin being broken off. I was able to re-attach using a screw and melting some of the remaining plastic to hold the bar in place. The motor did not work when I first applied power but a few drops of WD40 on the shaft and some manual spinning loosened it up. The spring below the ball release was missing but one from a ball point pen worked just fine. My lift had the drop ramp broken off and the sign that goes on top of the spiral had also broken. Superglue, then fiberglass resin put the pieces back in order. A small rubber band was used, as the instructions suggest, to replace the missing belt on the bottom of the lift. Lastly, I used Goo-Gone to remove remnants of 40 year old masking tape that the former owner had used to secure the pieces to the plastic mat.

My now working game is dated 1972, is No. 52 00 01, and was made by Lesney in the UK. I scanned the Cascade instructions since I couldn't find a copy on the web. Unfortunately, the last page has some paper wear so you might have to read between the lines.

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Cascade Game by Matchbox


Here is a short video of my toy in action. It's pretty loud so turn down your volume.

Name: Cascade Game
Manufacturer: Matchbox
Vintage: 1972
Obtained: From eBay .
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