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Fully enclosed shooting gallery by Marx. The gun has a magnetic tip which is used to drag one of the 25 steel balls up the plastic face of the toy. Pulling the trigger pushes the ball at one of the 12 targets. Item number 5152A dated 1975. Note that this toy has been reproduced and new versions are still available.

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Magic Shot Box
Magic Shot Shooting Gallery by Marx - before polishingMagic Shot Shooting Gallery by Marx - after polishing
The biggest problem with this toy is that the plastic face gets mighty scratched up by dragging the gun against it for each shot. I was able to polish the plastic surface with a scratch remover polish and it is much better. Above are the before and after pictures.


Midway Gallery Box
Midway Shooting Gallery by Empire
Cheap knock-off of the Magic Shot called the Midway Shooting Gallery. The magnet is on a lever which moves the single steel ball into position for shooting by the spring loaded gun. Made by Empire Toys, item number 4050 dated 1976.

Name: Magic Shot Shooting Gallery
Manufacturer: Marx
Vintage: 1970s
Obtained: From eBay.
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