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Tell's Vend-O-Mat Chocolate Cigarette Dispenser is a very cool old toy. One could get a chocolate cigarette for a mere penny. The box graphics are exceptional. There is no date or item number to be found but I would guess the vintage is 1950s or early 1960s.

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Other toys in my collection where you can get something for a penny: Candy Cigarette Bank by Miner-Matic, Chiclets Gum Machine Bank and Tootsie Roll Bank by Hasbro, and Coney Island Penny Machine by Remco. Other toys in my collection that promote lung cancer: Smoking Monkeys by manufacturers unknown.

Vend-O-Mat Game by Ideal

Name: Vend-O-Mat
Manufacturer: Tell Chocolate Novelties Corp.
Vintage: 1950s or 1960s
Obtained: From eBay.
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