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Coney Island Penny Machine by Remco is a way cool arcade-type battery operated crane bank game. A large toy at 12 inches square, it costs a penny to try your luck. The penny makes electrical contact when it is pushed in and the turntable with all the prizes starts spinning. The crane is operated via two levers, the left one that swings the boom left and right, and the right handle that raises and lowers the scoop. The game even has a mechanical timer to tell you when your turn is up. Remco style number 704, there is no date but I believe it to be late 1950s. Below the Coney Island toy are a few other crane games in my collection.

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Other toys in my collection where you can get something for a penny: Candy Cigarette Bank by Miner-Matic, Chiclets Gum Machine and Tootsie Roll Bank by Hasbro, and Vend-O-Mat Chocolate Cigarette Bank by Tell Chocolate Novelties.


Coney Island Penny Machine Coney Island Penny Machine Box


This toy normally goes for big bucks and I didn't know if I would ever get one. My copy was in fairly sad shape when I got it off of eBay for only $10.50. It was not working and had neither handle. Thankfully, one of the handles was included, albeit broken into five pieces. A small part of the other handle was also present (broken into three pieces). I superglued the complete handle back together and used it to create clay molds so I could cast another handle out of fiberglass resin. Below you see the handle in process with one side still liquid. I reinforced both handles by filling in the depressions with fiberglass with string embedded for good measure. You can see the completed handle below. I also had to clean the electrical contacts, re-solder the wires to the motor, refashion the spring that snaps the jaws shut, clean and lubricate everything. I was able to polish the plastic surface with a scratch remover/polish and it actually is fairly clear. The machine works perfectly and I am elated. The prizes that came with my machine are not the originals but rather mostly a bunch of 50/60s era gumball charms.

Creating the Fiberglass Handle Fiberglass handle in place

This is an Electronic Crane Bank that I picked up new at Toys-R-Us a few years ago. It has flashing lights and plays a tune as you attempt to pick up the toys. Takes four AA batteries and though mine is new, rarely removed from the box the crane bucket does not operate. Item 10101 from Manley Quest Toys, no date but I believe 1999 or so.

Electronic Crane Bank

A company called Zima made at least this pair of battery operated crane games, the Sea Catch which has a cool submarine holding the crane and the Space Catch which has a space ship. Both toys are dated 1993.

Sea Catch Crane Game Space Catch Crane Bank

This is the Desktop Grab-It crane game. I got it at the local Linens & Things during Christmas season. Item 022 from Jumpin' Banana (huh?), no date but I believe I got it in 2006 or so. Doesn't come with toys or candy (sigh).

Grab-It Desktop crane

Name: Coney Island Penny Machine
Manufacturer: Remco
Vintage: 1950s
Obtained: From eBay .
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