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The Hot Wheels Factory was the cooler of the two injector sets by Mattel. This one allows you to make 10 different car bodies and two different chassis. Part of making the cars was to mold the windshields out of clear plastic. Doesn't get much cooler than that. My set is missing all the wheels but has plenty of axles. Missing all of the unused plastic but has all the molds, mold clamps as well as the original paint bottles and the molded plastic Pit Stop play setting. Item number 4355, dated 1969.

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Other injector toys in my collection are: Chocolate Magic from Spin Master, Injector - Western World by Mattel, Melt-O-Matic from Flying Colors, Super Injector by Toymax.

Hot Wheels Factory Box
Hot Wheels Factory Contents
Hot Wheels Factory Injector and Pit Stop

Hot Wheels Factory by RoseArt is a more recent injector toy. Item number 6856 dated 2001, there does not appear to be refill kits available at retail stores so they must be ordered from RoseArt via this order form (262 kb jpg) once the eight sticks included with the kit are used.

Hot Wheels Factory Box

Name: Hot Wheels Car Factory
Manufacturer: Mattel, RoseArt
Vintage: 1969, 2001
Obtained: eBay for Mattel, Target store for Rose Art
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