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The Disappearing Square Puzzle by Four Star International Trading Company is one of the hardest puzzles I've come across. The puzzle can be put together with all five small squares or with only four. I scratched my head for quite some time and never did figure it out on my own. Luckily, I found pictures of the solution on a website (which I can no longer find to credit) and solved it as shown below. There is no date or part number on the box.

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Though not exactly the same, other toys in my collection where you insert parts in specific ways include the Drive Ya Nuts and One Way puzzles by Milton Bradley and the Magic Mosaic toy by Diset International.

Disappearing Square Puzzle with five small squares

Disappearing Square Puzzle with four small squares


Name: Disappearing Square Puzzle
Manufacturer: Four Star International Trading Company
Vintage: 1970s or 1980s
Obtained: From a garage sale.
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