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The Drive Ya Nuts puzzle by Milton Bradley was cool and quite difficult. The object of the puzzle is to place all seven nuts such that the numbers on all sides of each nut match the numbers on the adjoining nut. There is but one way to solve the puzzle. Here are two versions of puzzle. Note that the second one is still factory sealed and shows the solution. So you think it sounds easy? Print out the solution provided by Hasbro (which is Milton Bradley and Parker Brothers), cut out the nuts, mix them up, and try to solve it yourself.

The first one shown here is the travel version released in the late 1980s. It has the item number 4816 on the bottom. The second version is item 4163, copyright 1980. The third is a generic puzzle that uses colors instead of numbers which seems a bit harder. No idea the manufacturer or date. Thanks to Jenny for solving it.

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Travel Drive Ya Nuts
  Drive Ya Nuts
Drive Ya Nuts like puzzle

Name: Drive Ya Nuts
Manufacturer: Milton Bradley
Vintage: 1980, re-issued in Travel format 1987
Obtained: Garage Sale, eBay
Other Links: Printable solution compliments of Hasbro
(which is Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley)
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