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The Bango! Bango! game from Schaper is incredibly frustrating. The object is to get all six of your marbles into the center of the "H-shaped" game by tapping the outside of the plastic with the stick. Hit it too easy and the marble rolls back to where it started, hit it too hard and it rolls past the center ramp to the outside of the game. I'm surprised any of these games survived--I would have destroyed it if I was a kid. Item number 265, no date to be found so I am guessing early 1960s.

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Lots of toys/games in my collection depend on your skill in rolling marbles: Beat the Eight Ball by Ideal, Belly Ache by Kohner, Crazy Maze by Lakeside, Fascination by Remco, Marble Maze by Hasbro, Skill-It and Tilt 'N Roll by Milton Bradley.


Bango! Bango! Game Box Bango! Bango! Game by Schaper

Name: Bango! Bango!
Manufacturer: Schaper
Vintage: 1960s
Obtained: From eBay .
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