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The Armatron robot arm is one of the coolest toys every made. Put out by Radio Shack the robot is operated via a couple of levers on the base. Came with all kinds of accessories to pick up and move around. The toy was made by Tomy and later versions showed this name on the box. Here is an original Armatron, a Mobile Armatron, and a knock-off (which I think is better) by Spectravideo. I scanned the Armatron instruction manual in case anyone wants to read it.

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Other robots in my collection: Big Max by Remco, Thing Ding by Schaper, and of course the B9 Robot I was at one time attempting to build.


Armatron Robot Arm
Armatron Box

Catalog number 60-2364. There is no date on the box or instructions but I believe the Armatron was originally produced in the late 1970s.

Mobile Armatron Robot Arm

Catalog number 60-2396, here is the Mobile Armatron by Radio Shack. Forward and backward motion, left and right turns in either high or low speed, as well as robot arm movements are accomplished using the wired remote. Late 1970s is my guess on the vintage.

SVI Robot Arm
SVI Robot Arm Box

Name: Armatron
Manufacturer: Radio Shack
Vintage: Late 1970s (guess)
Obtained: Armatrons from eBay , SVI from flea market.
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Armatron instruction manual
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