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The Big Max robot toy from Remco is indeed one of the coolest toys ever made. Put metal slugs in the bins that surround Big Max and use the controls to turn him, drop and raise his arms, energize his electromagnetic hands, and stop/stop the conveyer belt to drop the slugs into the waiting truck. How cool is that. My copy is complete and working and even included some of the original slugs. Mine does have a replacement conveyor belt that was pretty poorly done. I hope to re-do it myself someday. Remco Style #401, there is no date on the box but I believe it is late 50's through early 60's.

Update: In September, 2014 I was contacted by a nice lady from Steven Spielberg's production company about renting this toy for an upcoming movie. The movie was being produced with the working title St. James Place but was retitled as Bridge of Spies for its October 2015 release. I sent the toy to New York and they returned it about two months later (missing most of the slugs as the knucklehead who packaged it for return shipping was too lazy or stupid to put the slugs in a plastic bag--shoot me now). Unfortunately, it looks like Big Max is on the cutting room floor as the toy does not appear in the movie.

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Other robots in my collection: Armatron by Radio Shack, Thing Ding by Schaper, and of course the B9 Robot I was at one time attempting to build.


Big Max Big Max Box


Here is the short video of my robot in action that I sent to the St. James Place (working title) production company before I send the robot off to star with Tom Hanks.

Name: Big Max and his Electronic Conveyor
Manufacturer: Remco
Vintage: Late 1950s
Obtained: From eBay .
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