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The Agent Zero M line of toys from Mattel in the early 1960s made young boys feel like real spys. The toys transformed from everyday-looking objects into weapons, mostly cap guns. First is the Radio Rifle which turns from a simple transistor radio into a cap rifle. No number on the toy, it is dated 1964, and I have seen versions of this toy still sealed in the box sell on eBay for over $250.00. Next is the Snap-Shot which turns from a camera into a handgun. Also dated 1964 and with no number on the toy itself. Other toys in the line were a movie camera and knife that turned into guns as well as a belt buckle that has a pop-out derringer. I have also seen the Spy Detector Game released with the Agent Zero M logo on it.

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Other spy toys in my collection: FBI Jr. by Nasta, Sixfinger by Topper Toys, Sooper Snooper by Marx.

Agent Zero M Radio Rifle
Agent Zero M Radio Rifle
Agent Zero M Snap-Shot Camera Gun
Agent Zero M Snap-Shot Camera Gun

Name: Agent Zero M
Manufacturer: Mattel
Vintage: 1960s
Obtained: From a local toy show and from eBay.
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