Toys I Long For - Sam's Wishlist

This is a list of toys and other collectibles that I am looking for. Roughly divided into a number of categories: Cool Toys I do not yet have, Cool Toys I have but want more of, Cool Things to search for, Cool Manufacturers to search for. Each link in the table will conduct a search of Ebay's current auctions for the toy in question.

Cool Toys I do not yet have.
Eldon Bowl A Matic
Cool early 60's bowling game
My toys wishes are getting bigger
Voice of the Mummy
Milton Bradley game from '71
Marine Raider Bazooka or Mortar
By Remco, big and neat, had the mortar as a kid.
V-RROOM Hot Rodder Engine
The battery powered bicycle motor by Mattel
Air Blaster
By Wham-O
Secret Sam
Spy stuff from topper. The attache case mostly.
Coney Island Carnival
The Carnival set. Don't think I will ever afford it.
Mold Master
Kenner's military injection molder
Swami/Yogi Napkin
Not a toy really but I still want one
Electro Shot Shooting Gallery
Very neat, very expensive. Never seem to be the high bidder.
Toys I have but want another.
Marx Carry-All
A more complete version of the Cape Kennedy
as well as other sets if reasonably priced.
Agent Zero M
Have the Radio Rifle in poor condition, would like better plus others.
Electronics Projects Kits
Would love the small p-box kits.
Sea Diver, Aqua Diver, & Dyna-Diver
Cool Cartesian diving bell toys from Parker Brothers,
Sears, and Diversion Dynamics
Johnny Astro
The moon/mars base would be a nice addition.
American Basic Science Club
Would love copies of the 8-10 monthly kits offered.
Skittle Games
Still looking for 1970s ones that I don't have.
Missing at least the VW Bug and the Mustang body kit.
Mighty Mike
Have the Astro train, want the Camelback
Cool Things to Look for.
1960s Sears Wishbook
To see other toys that I don't remember
Electrical Parade
I love the Electrical Parade and want some memorabilia.
Gumball Charms
Call them trinkets or charms, I want more of them.
Cool Manufacturers.
Aurora Remco Hasbro
Rapco Kenner Transogram
Topper Emenee Marx
Poynter Products Schaper Toymax

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