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These are the instructions as they appear on the inside of the box, typed as best I could. Copyright 1966 IDEAL TOY CORP. Back to Kaboom Page.


To move your peg from Start to Finish by skillful use of the Ka Boom Machine.


Each player selects a colored peg. Attach any Ka Boom Balloon to the balloon busting machine as shown. Players choose who goes first. Play continues to the left.


Each player during his turn must pump the Ka Boom machine. He has a choice of pumping from one to ten strokes during any one turn. Each stroke must be a full stroke; that is, starting from the top of the pump and going all the way down to the bottom of the pump and then back up to the top again. Before pumping the machine the player declares how many strokes he will take on the machine. He must then take the full number of strokes he has declared. After the player has successfully completed the strokes he announced, without bursting the balloon, he can move his peg that number of holes along the path on the scoreboard. In other words each stroke or pump on the machine means one move ahead on the scoreboard. Players can pass another opponent or opponents but cannot land on the same space occupied by another player's peg. A player therefore must declare only the number of strokes that will put his peg in a vacant hole on the scoreboard. A player must pump the Ka Boom machine during his turn even if it means bursting the balloon. A player can never pass his turn.


A player landing on a star on the scoreboard must go again. It is good for the player to land on a star only when the balloon is partially inflated. It is bad for the player to land on a star when the balloon is almost fully inflated because by going again he may burst the balloon.


If a player pursts the balloon during his turn, his turn ends and he must immediately move his peg back 20 holes on the scoreboard. A new balloon is then placed in the Ka Boom machine and the next player goes. Play continues as before.


For Larger Balloons players must make 2 complete rounds.


The first player to reach finish is the winner.
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