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The Trip-Trap Game by Remco is a huge old obstacle course game. Use the whale shooters to shoot one of the three steel balls through and over each obstacle. This game is extremely rare--I only see one or two a year come up for bid on eBay. Strangely, I was able to pick up this copy with less than perfect box for only $5.50. When it arrived I was delighted to see that not only was the game complete, it appeared to never have been removed from the box. The traps were all stored in an intricate set of cardboard inserts, the dump truck, stickers, and balls were still sealed in a plastic bag. Sometimes I win. Style number 8006, dated 1969.

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Trip-Trap Game by Remco Box Trip-Trap Game by Remco

This is the Whale Shooters, the steel balls, the stickers, and the instructions. The steel balls are shot from the whales by pulling back and releasing their tails.

Trip-Trap Game Whale Shooters

Obstacle number one is the Dragon. His tongue holds his mouth open and you must shoot your steel ball on either side of it to avoid the mouth dropping down and trapping the ball.

Trip-Trap Game Obstacle Number 1 - The Dragon

Obstacle number two is the Swingin' Bridge. Initially the bridge is turned sideways and your ball must hit the release mechanism dead center to cause the bridge to swing into place so your ball can cross it.

Trip-Trap Game Obstacle Number 2 - The Swingin' Bridge

Obstacle number three is the Big Dumper. Shoot the ball up the steep ramp so it lands in the back of the dump truck. The truck will roll down the hill and dump the ball into the trough.

Trip-Trap Game Obstacle Number 3 - The Big Dumper

Obstacle number four is the Man With Falling Pants. If your ball goes near the left side of the ramp the pants will fall and trap your ball on the near side.

Trip-Trap Game Obstacle Number 4 - The Man With Falling Pants

Obstacle number five is the Barn House Kicker. You need to shoot your ball on either side of the horse's butt or he'll kick the ball back to you.

Trip-Trap Game Obstacle Number 5 - The Barn House Kicker
Name: Trip-Trap Game
Manufacturer: Remco
Vintage: 1969
Obtained: From eBay .
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