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The Tiger Island Game is one truly wacky game. The idea is for each of the four castaways to build a raft to escape the island, all while trying to avoid being clobbered by the tiger. At the end of each turn a player spins the tiger and tries to stop it strategically in front of his own or another player's castaway who then has to feed the tiger by launching a marble into its mouth before it drops its club on the castaway's head. How do they come up with this stuff? I don't remember playing this game in my youth, I only remember building the rafts.

My game is missing a single marble and has a box complete with the inserts. Unfortunately, the box is set up to hold the game with the castaways removed and once snapped into place it is nearly impossible to remove them. You often see this game with holes through the box lid caused by the castaway's heads. Or, in my case, with some of the castaways broken off at the ankles. My castaways were intact when the eBay auction ended but the seller did not pack the game in a box large enough and two were broken when it arrived. Arrrrgh! You can see the fiberglass repairs if you look closely at the ankles of the green and yellow castaways below. My box now has a custom cardboard insert that sticks up about 3/4 of an inch higher than the box bottom so the box top no longer touches the castaways. Made by Ideal, it is item number 2618-7, dated 1966.

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Tiger Island Box Tiger Island Game
Name: Tiger Island
Manufacturer: Ideal
Vintage: 1966
Obtained: From eBay .
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