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The Thermo/Craft Workshop by Emenee is a toy I have longed for since childhood. My neighbor Ray K. from Maple Street had this one and I saw it only once in his basement when I was nine or 10 years old. Having no idea what the toy was called I had no good way to search for it and discovered this one quite by accident one night while searching eBay for the manufacturer Emenee , hoping to pick up a toy accordian.

The toy has a battery-operated styrofoam cutter that uses a resistance wire to melt/cut patterned sheets to make a Jeep, an airplane, and a boat with trailer. My copy is nearly complete and mint, missing only the original cutting wire (the spare is there) and with only the boat hull and the practice sheet cut. The cutter comes with a movable cutting guide for straight cuts and has a pressure switch that applies power to the cutting wire only when the stock is laid on the table. Exceptional design though the hot wire being open to the touch means a toy like this would never be produced in this day and age.

The main toy is item number 4460, dated 1966. Additional accessesory packs were available to make other items and my toy included three mint, sealed packs: The Fort kit (item number 4062), the Jeep kit (item number 4063), and Blank sheets kit (item number 4064). Each accessory pack could be ordered from Emenee for $1.00, no shipping, according to the order form which came with the toy. I am elated to have this very cool toy in my collection.

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Emenee Thermo/Craft Workshop Box Emenee Thermo/Craft Workshop Emenee Thermo/Craft Workshop thermo-cutter Emenee Thermo/Craft Workshop additional material kits
Name: Thermo/Craft Workshop
Manufacturer: Emenee
Vintage: 1973
Obtained: From eBay .
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