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Switch 'N Go - This neat battery operated car from Mattel ran along plastic tube track and included switches that were powered by air. Press the air control pump and control the switches so that the car would take different routes on the track. The car features three speeds including a low "hill-climbing" gear that was automatically engaged when the car crossed the bridge. The car also has a spring-loaded arm that will flip the car over and off of the track when a certain connector is traversed in the correct direction. Item number 6111 dated 1965. Very cool. Mattel also made a "Lost in Space" version of this toy with the chariot as the vehicle, as well as a Batmobile set, a tank set and a construction set.

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The box features this excellent graphic. My box is slightly stained and the graphic is bubbled and wrinkled in spots. The contents of the set still in its original cardboard insert. My copy of the toy includes track from two different sets as the yellow tubing is of two different colors. Neat toy.

Other battery powered car toys in my collection: Amaze-A-Matics by Hasbro, Shark by Remco, Trik-Trak by Transogram.

The Box Mattel's Switch 'N Go Playset
Name: Switch 'N Go
Manufacturer: Mattel
Vintage: Mid 1960s
Obtained: From eBay .
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