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The Sunken Treasure Game by Milton Bradley is an Operation-like game where one tries to retrieve coins from the bottom of the ocean using a magnetic diver. The coins move past the openings on a spinning platform and you must grab them as they wander by, without touching the metal edges of the openings. Smaller openings are "higher risk" and earn more dollars. My version is mint, unassembled in the box with all parts still sealed in their plastic bags. Item number 4640 dated 1976. The instructions are online compliments of Hasbro (which is Ideal, Milton Bradley, and Parker Brothers).

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Other electrical contact buzzing games in my collection: Tug Boat, also by Milton Bradley.

Sunken Treasure Game Box Lid

Sunken Treasure Game Contents


Name: Sunken Treasure
Manufacturer: Milton Bradley
Vintage: 1976
Obtained: From eBay.
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