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My brother had the Sticky Finger toy set by Mascon. Two large fingers, one green, one pink, and a ball with (or without) numbers. Each finger, which is about 16 inches long, has a trigger that when pressed vents the suction cup allowing one to throw the ball. Releasing the trigger closes the vent and allows the suction cup to grab the ball. Points were scored based on what number was under the suction cup on the caught ball. My set has the less rare "red, no-numbered" ball. I'm not sure if this is earlier or later than the numbered one my brother had. No item number on the toy but the date, according to Tom Frey's book, is 1965. Thanks to YouTube you can watch a Sticky Finger commercial.

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Sticky Finger Set Sticky Finger side view

This is a picture of a complete game with the more rare "white, numbered" ball from the book ' Toy Bop', by Tom Frey.

Complete Sticky Finger picture from Toy Bop book by Tom Frey
Name: Sticky Finger
Manufacturer: Mascon
Vintage: 1965
Obtained: From eBay .
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