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Slick Shooter by Mattel lets you " turn your home into a penny arcade". No batteries needed, the gun actually shoots a blast of air down one of five hoses based on where the gun is pointing. Ingenious! This game is huge, 49 inches long. My copy is less than perfect with the tin can target missing, the duck from the duck in the pan target missing, and the other targets have water/mildew damage. Also missing all of the cardboard grass that is supposed to be in front of each target and a box that has seen better days. The toy, when it arrived, was the filthiest toy I've ever touched and took quite a while to clean to the condition you see. Still, a way cool toy that works perfectly. Item number xxxx dated 1974.

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Slick Shooter Box Slick Shooter Arcade Slick Shooter Gun Slick Shooter Targets

Below is a picture of the targets from a mint game (pic from eBay auction).

Slick Shooter Switchables
Name: Slick Shooter
Manufacturer: Mattel
Vintage: 1974
Obtained: From eBay .
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