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Sky Racers by CAP Toys, a very cool current toy that allows a battery operated tram car to run along an aerial plastic cable. Radio controlled for your convenience, the sky racer runs on thick "weed-eater" cord. Has clamp-on curved sections of track for going around corners. I saw these on close-out at the local Toys-R-Us after I had purchased this single vehicle Skyway Set. I have it set up running around the corners of my toy room as you can see by the next picture. Item number 6200 dated 1996. The instructions are online compliments of Hasbro (which is Ideal, Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers and, apparently, CAP Toys)

Below the Skyway Set is the Super Skyway Set, Item 6210 also dated 1996, that contains two vehicles each running on a different radio frequency so they can be run simultaneously. I'm afraid the box which was pristine when I won the auction was damaged in shipment (sigh).

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Other toys in my collection that ride through the air on a line: Super Sky Crane by Toy Zone.

Sky Racers Box Sky Racers contents Sky Racer in use
Sky Racers Super set box Sky Racers Super set contents
Name: Sky Racers
Manufacturer: CAP
Vintage: Late 1990s
Obtained: From a local thrift store, duo set from eBay
Other Links: Sky Racer Instructions (pdf), compliments of Hasbro
Halloween Ghost using Sky Racer
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