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The Shrink Machine from Wham-O is the precursor to Shrinky Dinks, a toy that is still manufactured. The Shrink Machine used a 40-watt appliance light bulb to provide the heat. My set is nearly complete missing only a bag of clips (make the items into jewelry) and a few of the shrinkies. The "Shrinkies" came in six different types, both in the set and available as extra packs: Tiny-Trinkets, Teeny-Tinys, Bitty-Blanks, Micro-Messages, Itty-Autos, and Widdle-Weirdies. This is item number 642 dated 1968.

Below the Shrink Machine is a current Shrinky Dinks set by Spin Master dated 2003. Below the Shrinky Dinks is a Shrink-A-Toon refill pack from Flying Colors, item number 38047 dated 2000.

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Shrink Machine Box Shrink Machine by Wham-O
Name: Shrink Machine
Manufacturer: Wham-O
Vintage: 1968
Obtained: From eBay .
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