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The Shifty Gear Game is a neat old game that I never saw in my youth. The object is to make a path of gears from your corner to your "Flag" Gear. The gears are numbered one through six and are picked with a roll of the die. There are supposed to be 15 of each color (2-6's, 2-5's, 2-4's, 3-3's, 3-2's, and 3-1's) my set is missing three gears total. Below you see the game set up as near to the picture on the box as I could make it. The artist was, apparently, not given a copy of the game to work with as the set up that is displayed is not possible to make with the game board. Made by Schaper, it is item number 260, dated 1962.

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Shifty Gear Box

Shifty Gear Game

Shifty Gear Game


Name: Shifty Gear
Manufacturer: Schaper
Vintage: Early 1960s
Obtained: From eBay.
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