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What a cool idea--cars that can be shot out of a rifle! The Ricochet Racers from Hasbro came in at least the three sets shown below as well as a Tracer Racers Glow-in-the-Dark Set which I believe was only released in the UK (by a company named Palitoy). The cars make a Ricochet sound as they roll across the floor. The Sharpshooter set is item number 7625 dated 1974. The Western Set is item number 6727 dated 1975. The Spider-man set comes with both a Spider-man and a Captain America car and is item number 6735 dated 1976. My collection also includes all six spare racers available. The cars are all still in their blister packs but they were horribly aged and cracked so the person I bought them from was kind enough to shrink wrap all six together. I scanned the instructions (0.4MB pdf) from the Sharpshooter set for your convenience.

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Other car toys in my collection: Amaze-A-Matics by Hasbro, Car Parts by Nasta, Shark by Remco, and Switch 'n Go by Mattel, Trik Trak by Transogram.

Ricochet Racers Sharpshooter Set Box

Ricochet Racers Sharpshooter Set by Hasbro

Ricochet Racers Western Set Box

Ricochet Racers Western Set by Hasbro

Ricochet Racers Spiderman Set Box

Ricochet Racers Spiderman Set by Hasbro

The spare cars are, from top to bottom: 440 Magnum (#6702), Strip Shooter (#6705), Bluesteel (#6701), Hole Shot .38 (#6703), Hemi Shot (#6704), and Boss Big Shot (#6700)

Ricochet Racers Extra Cars

Name: Ricochet Racers
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Vintage: 1970s
Obtained: From eBay .
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