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I first came upon the Pin Clock sometime in mid 2006. They were available for sale for a way lot of money, around $60.00 and I couldn't justify getting one. Most of the pin clocks are produced by Daka and are selling on eBay for $30-70. In April, 2007 I came across an auction for four clocks, two pin and two flip clocks, all by Centrios. In the best deal I've gotten on a collectible in a long, long time I picked up all four of these clocks, mint in the box, for $9.11 plus shipping. Luckily, the folks who were bidding on the clocks before I sniped them were bidding $1, $2, & $3. The pin clock is item number 6311477 dated 2004 and operates on two D batteries. The classic flip clock is number 6311478 also dated 2004 runs on one C battery. While not toys exactly, these are the coolest damn things ever!

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Other cool timekeepers in my collection: Electric Ball Clock by Arrow.

Pin & Flip Clocks
Name: Pin & Flip Clocks
Manufacturer: Centrios
Vintage: 2004
Obtained: From eBay .
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