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The classic Monopoly game by Parker Brothers has been around since 1935. Older copies like this one were packaged with the small pieces in a box and the board separate. Originally produced with metal tokens, this version was produced during World War II with wooden tokens due to the metal shortage. These two items were purchased at a toy show and the person I bought them from said that they were obtained separately and possibly did not match. A nice find anyway. Fourth picture is of the label on the board. Patent number 2,026,082, no date on the box, the board is copyrighted 1946. Below this old version are my newer, specialty sets.

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Box Contents Board and Box Monopoly Box Monopoly Board Label

Here are some specialty Monopoly games I own. The Wizard of Oz set, two different Las Vegas sets and my latest and favorite set--The Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer edition.

Wizard of Oz Monopoly Box Wizard of Oz Monopoly Board Wizard of Oz Monopoly Tokens
1997 Las Vegas Monopoly Box 1997 Las Vegas Monopoly Board 1997 Las Vegas Monopoly Tokens
Newer Las Vegas Monopoly Box Newer Las Vegas Monopoly Board Newer Las Vegas Monopoly Tokens
Rudolph Monopoly Box Rudolph Monopoly Board Rudolph Monopoly Tokens
Name: Monopoly
Manufacturer: Parker Brothers Inc.
Vintage: 1935 til present
Obtained: From the Humdinger Toy Show in San Jose, CA.
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