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Here is the catch-all page of all my other cool plastic model kits. I may eventually split this into different pages but until then please enjoy the models from various TV shows, movies, comic books, and real-life. Sorry I haven't included item numbers, dates, and manufacturer information.

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Other model kits in my collection: Marvel Comics Models by Toy Biz and Monster Models by Aurora (and others).

Fantastic Voyage (Cartoon)

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

The Monkees

Lost in Space

Land of the Giants


Star Trek

The Munsters and Psycho

Star Wars

Back to the Future


Jurassic Park

Super Heroes


Other Fantasy

Real-World Things

Name: Other Models
Manufacturer: Too many to name
Vintage: 1960s - Present
Obtained: eBay, hobby stores, flea markets, and elsewhere.
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