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This page is the catch-all page for toys that fall into two categories: 1) Toys that don't warrant their own page and 2) Toys whose page I haven't gotten around to creating yet. Sorry that the descriptions aren't as in depth as the ones on the individual toy pages but I figured you might get a kick out of seeing all the other toys I own! Toys appear in no particular order. I'll add to this page as I can. Enjoy.

I'm not a big action figures collector but thought these ones were just too cool to pass up. Jesus is by Accoutrements, Gene Simmons is by McFarlane, Ralphie is by Neca/Reel Toys, Lon Chaney as the Phantom of the Opera is by Sideshow Toys, and Mad Magazine's Spy vs. Spy is by DC Direct. Accoutrements, in additional to having the Jesus figure has cool folks from history: Einstein, Freud, Mozart, Houdini as well as generic figures: librarian, lunch lady...

Jesus Action Figure Gene Simmons from KISS Action Figure Ralphie in Bunny Suit Action Figure from A Christmas Story Lon Chaney's Phantom of the Opera Action Figure Mad Magazine's Spy vs. Spy Action Figure

Batman cards were originally release in 1966 in three different series by Topps, the baseball card folks. My set is the Deluxe Reissue Edition from Topps in 1989 and includes all 143 cards. The cards on the right are Classic Toys Trading Cards from manufacturer unknown. I own the complete set of 66 cards released in 1993. Somewhere in a box are my Gerry Anderson Supermarionation cards featuring Thunderbirds, Stingray, and SuperCar.

Batman and Classic Toy Trading Cards

My sisters had an original Easy Bake Oven in the early 60s and I'd been known to make my own little pizzas (using a crushed down piece of bread for the crust and Parmesian cheese for a topping). I even used this accessory, the popcorn popper to make popcorn a few times. But mostly I remember fondly using the popper as my own space ship, jail, elevator, etc. for army guys. Easy Bake Ovens are still made by Hasbro and quite a few items are available at Amazon.com.

Not a toy exactly but you could buy these out of the back of comic books. This particular battery operated 8mm film projector is a German import.

Battery Operated 8mm Projector

Cool old jack-in-the-box named Blippy. Manufactured by Mattel

Mattel's Blippy musical Jack-in-the-Box

I have a small assortment of gumball/candy machines, toy and otherwise. You can pick up all the Gumball machines you want online.

Three different Gumball Machines

This metal power boat sold/stored in its own boat house caught my eye in a thrift store with its $2.00 price tag. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it actually runs on candle power and steam and it even came with some of its original candles.

Candle Powered Boat

Also not really a toy but I so remember buying Cigar Pens in my youth.

Cigar Pens

I thought I might collect Colorforms but didn't get very far--these are the only three I own, all factory sealed.
Colorforms are still produced and many sets are available online.

Batman Colorforms  Pee Wee's Playhouse Colorforms

Batman Colorforms

Cross Over The Bridge is a neat old marble game from Kohner and comes with two pop-a-matics.

Cross Over the Bridge Game

The Disappearing Square is an interesting puzzle that can be put together in two way, both with and without one of the small squares. I've not been able to figure this one out so if you have the solution(s) please sent me a picture or drawing. Please! Update: I've found the solution and the Disappearing Square now has its own page--complete with pictures of the two configurations.

The Disappearing Square puzzle

Like Simon, the 1997 R2-D2 Ditto Droid electronic game from Tiger Electronics makes four different sounds in sequence that you must repeat. Look for Ditto Droid on eBay or Star Wars Toys on Amazon.

R2-D2 Ditto Droid Game

From the makers of Twister this game is won by grabbing the loops from all your opponents (Flag Football style) before they grab all of yours. Twister itself has been reinvented in a few different versions. The instructions for Grab A Loop are online compliments of Hasbro (which is Ideal, Milton Bradley, and Parker Brothers)

Grab a Loop Game Box
Grab a Loop Game Insides

How neat is a flashlight that displays monster faces and hands on the wall!!! This is one such toy in my collection and is still factory sealed. Below that is the Looney Tunes projection flashlight(s).

Fright Face flashlight toy
Looney Tunes flashlight toys

The Ghostbusters Projector is a toy I stole from one of my sons. It projects various ghosts on the wall via translucent films stored on a rotating disk.

Ghostbusters Projector

Marx Presidents of the United States plastic figures from the 1960s or so. They are right around 3" tall and very cool though hard to tell apart once removed from their boxes. They were available unpainted and later, painted. Look for them on eBay.

Grand Slam Baseball is a neat pinball/skee-ball baseball game where one shoots marbles to score.

Grand Slam Baseball Game

The Jacob's ladder toy is so cool I used it as a design for an award winning tie. You can also buy Jacob's Ladder toys online if you can't find them locally.

Jacob's Ladder wooden toy

I don't really collect many die-cast vehicles, unless they are really, really cool. On the left is the King Kuda, a car I got by joining the Hot Wheels Club in 1970 or so. Next is the Jack Rabbit Special, coolest Hot Wheel ever. Third is the Sno-Trac, the coolest Matchbox vehicle ever. Last on the right is the first Stomper I owned, a Jeep pickup from 1980 or so.

Small collections of Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Stompers

Other Hot Wheels I thought worthy of buying include these, the souped-up shopping cart and red wagon. The bright tri-blade is a helicopter toy run by attaching a balloon on the bottom. The blue top is an original Duncan, the yellow sub rises and dives using baking powder and is likely from a box of Frosted Flakes. Jurassic Park raptor is so cool I have one at home and one on my desk at work. The two heads are from my original Aurora monster models, painted in the case of Dracula, Glow-in-the-dark for Frankenstein. The orange and green figures are a gorgon and minotaur, rubber toys we gave away in Wendy's kids meals when I worked there for a few short months.

Small Collection of Toys

Other Matchbox vehicles I own include these way cool Thunderbirds. And yes, Thunderbirds DVDs are available.

Matchbox Thunderbirds Rescue Pack
Matchbox Thunderbirds Rescue Pack

An assortment of parachute guys. The box is from the 60s, the rest are newer. Yes, that is Curious George with a webbing and nylon chute.

Plastic parachute guys

Marx toys produced a set of glow-in-the-dark monster figures in the 1960s. These are likely the later reproductions. From left is The Wolfman, The Hunchback, The Mummy, Phantom of the Opera, and Frankenstein's Monster. Also in the set is the Creature from the Black Lagoon but my copy is at work on my desk.

Marx Monsters

Most often named Shoot the Moon my copy of the marble on the steel rails game is called Space Force.

Space Force game

I always liked the Major Matt Mason Space Crawler toy. Mine works sometimes.

Matt Mason Space Crawler

Paddle Pool by Milton Bradley is a well-loved game that usually sells for big bucks on eBay. Reissue is available through Amazon.com.

Paddle Pools

When I saw this Fisher Price toy at a yard sale I knew I had to have it. Cocking the handle drops a top into position and pushing that handle forces the top along a toothed track (ala gyro-cars from the 70s) to get it spinning. Each of the three tops makes a different whistling sound as it spins. Way cool.

Fisher Price Space Tops toy

Wacky 1980s Therapy Game. Haven't yet played it.

Therapy Game

Whac-A-Mole Handheld Electronic Game by Marvel Entertainment. Very cool. Look for Whac-A-Mole items on eBay or on Amazon.com.

Whac-a-Mole Handheld Game by Marvel Entertainment

Water Rockets are so cool and this Space Shuttle Enterprise is among the coolest. Search for water rockets on eBay or on Amazon.com.

Space Shuttle Water Rocket

This cool Diving Sub uses baking powder to surface and submerge in water. From Kelloggs in the 1990s. Search for cereal premiums on eBay.

Diving Sub Cereal Premium from Kelloggs

From Parker Brothers, this Lord of the Rings, Return of the King Chess Set is well done. Search for LOTR Chess Sets on eBay or on Amazon.

Lord of the Rings, Return of the King Chess Set Box Lord of the Rings, Return of the King Chess Set Pieces

Toy battery operated Monorail from Disney. These toys were release the first years that California Adventure was open. In honor of Disneyland's 50th anniversary, Master Replicas has created a detailed (and expensive) Monorail replica.

Disney Paradise Pier Monorail

Sexual Trivia Game and D.Y.K.E. (Do You Know Enough) Lesbian Lifestyle Trivia Game - How cool is that?

Sexual TriviaGame

DYKE Lesbian Trivia Game


Not quite as cool as an original Risk game, this collectible reproduction uses wooden cube armies like the original. This version and many others are available through Amazon.com. The instructions for Risk are online compliments of Hasbro (which is Ideal, Milton Bradley, and Parker Brothers).

Collectible Risk Game

I don't collect a lot of puzzles but had to have this one. Other cool puzzles in my collection are the Disney Fantasy Puzzle and the Rudolph and Friends Puzzle.

Toyland Memories Puzzle

Cadillac-Lincoln Gag Gift

Cadillac-Lincoln Gag Gift ClosedCadillac-Lincoln Gag Gift Opened

You know I like science kits. Here are a physics and tri-lab kits, both from Science Fair (Radio Shack).

Science Fair Physics Set boxScience Fair Physics Set contents

Science Fair Science Set boxScience Fair Science Set contents

Of course I collect Viewmasters, doesn't everyone? In additon to these I have two projectors somewhere. If you can't find the Viewmaster viewer or reels you want locally there are hundreds of items available through Amazon.com.


I try to get obscure Scrabble games. The blue box contents show its plastic tiles. The small travel version is from Singapore Airlines. There are now dozens of versions of Scrabble available for purchase.

Scrabble Game collection

Singapore Airlines Travel Scrabble

Closeup of Singapore Airlines Scrabble Closeup of Singapore Airlines Scrabble

Railroad Rush Hour is a cool puzzle/game where one sets up the train cars based on the card chosen and tries to get the red locomotive out of the yard. 40 cards range from very easy (junior) to nearly impossible (expert). From Binary Arts dated 1998. Lots of different Rush Hour games available through Amazon.com

Railroad Rush Hour

Roboraptor by WowWee Robotics is a cool remote controlled robot and toy. He comes with multiple modes and moods! Still available through Amazon.com should you need to get yourself one.


Switchback: The Maddening Marble Puzzle by Binary Arts. Look for it on eBay.com or on Amazon.com

Switchback Marble Puzzle by Binary Arts

Granny's Candy Apple Kitchen by W. Davis. Look for it on ebay.com or for Candy Apple Makers on Amazon.com

Granny's Candy Apple Kitchen by W. Davis

Other photos I haven't yet had a chance to document...

AFX Cliff Hangers model race set

AFX Corvette Classic model race set

Breaker 19 Game Board

Breaker 19 Game Box

Dr. Dreadful Creepy Clinic

Smithsonian Gummy Bug Lab

Leverage Game

Leverage Game Box

Lost Treasure Game Board

Lost Treasure Game Box

Mad Scientist Monster Lab Escape

Nasta Lightning Car

Pepsi Bagatelle Game

Quiz Kid Game

Radar Search Game

Radio Flyer Wagon and Sled

Dr. Seuss Sam-I-Am Wristwatch

Six Flags Cool Coasters

Six Flags Joker's Jinx Coaster











Name: Miscellaneous Toys
Manufacturer: Various
Vintage: 1950s to present
Obtained: From eBay, thrift stores, garage sales, as well as Target, Wal-Mart...
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