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One of the first electric quiz games, the Knapp Electric Questioner had various sets of quiz card ranging from flags to animals to trivia. Upon completing the circuit by touching the two probes to the correct question and answer a buzzer would sound. The game also included a Morse code key with the code printed on the inside lid for your convenience. Item number 325, there is no date to be found on the item or the quiz cards but folks who are selling them on eBay seem to think it is from the 1920s. The toy came with blank cards for creating your own quizzes and the company would actually pay you $5.00 for quizzes you submitted to them for use. Sets of 11 (why not 10?) cards cost $.50 and included such topics as Connundrums, True-to-Life, American History. My game is wrapped in attractive duct tape to hold the hinged wooden box together. Very neat.

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The Questioner Closed Knapp Electric Questioner

And here is another, slightly newer version of the questioner. No longer a box divided by a wooden brace this one was probably cheaper to produce. The wire card holder built into the lid is a nice addition. This one had some more interesting full color card such as Robinson Crusoe, Joseph and his Brethren (bible), and Alice in Wonderland. Additionally it has a number of cards that were created by users (see the five dollar offer above). Very neat. Still item number 325 and still no date to be found.

Newer Knapp Electric Questioner

This questioner is by a company called Jacmar. Instead of a buzzer it uses a light bulb to signal correct answers. Encased in cardboard instead of wood, this questioner uses an interesting method to wire the circuits between question and answer. While the Knapp version has physical wires running under the board, the Jacmar uses a piece of cardboard with thick metal foil over it which is stamped out (cut) to isolate the connection between two places on the game board. It is actually quite ingenious. It came with 9 double sided question/answer cards for a total of 432 questions. Like the Knapp, some of the cards are in full color and some are not. The card topics are similar to the Knapp cards and there is no mention of additional card sets available. There is no item number or date to be found on the toy but I would guess it is somewhat newer than the Knapp but still fairly old.

Jacmar Elecric Questioner

This questioner is by Remco and uses a light bulb and separated foil paths just like the Jacmar one. The game has six double sided cards with a total of 216 sports questions and answers. Style 891 dated 1968.

Remco Elecric Quiz Game Remco Elecric Quiz Game
Name: Knapp Electric Questioner,
The Electric Questioner,
Electric Quiz Game
Manufacturer: Knapp Electric Corporation,
Jacmar Manufacturing Company,
Vintage: I have no idea, possibly 1920s.
Obtained: From eBay .
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