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A very neat game that I remember from my youth. Move your marble up the hill hoping to avoid the tunnels that sent it back down somewhere. First to the top pops the crown with their marble. Schaper had an interesting device called a "tilt-score" that told you how many spaces to move based on where a tiny metal ball landed when you tilted the hourglass shaped device. Alas, my copy of the game is pretty beat: the tilt-score is missing its clear plastic top (but still has the little metal ball), missing two of the original marbles, and the box is pretty severely water damaged. There is no item number that I can find, U.S. patent number 3,201,129 dated 1965.

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King of the Hill Game with its Box
Name: King of the Hill
Manufacturer: Schaper
Vintage: 1965
Obtained: From eBay .
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