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The Junior Dynamite Blaster from Kilgore allows the budding blast technician to blow things up using the plunger they've seen on TV forever. Works on air, the objects of choice to obliterate included the styrofoam blocks of which my set is missing most. My copy also has a wooden dowel replacement handle on the detonation unit. Very, very rare, I've seen three of these up for bid on eBay in the last five years. Item number 620, rated as one of the 10 best toys in 1958 by Science and Mechanics Magazine.

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Other toys in my collection that use dynamite: Dynamite Shack by Milton Bradley and Spy's-A-Poppin by Transogram (actually the plunger says TNT but close enough).


Name: Junior Dynamite Blaster
Manufacturer: Kilgore
Vintage: late 1950s
Obtained: From eBay.
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