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I believe the same year that my brother got Transogram's Spy's-A-Poppin game I got the Hands Up Harry target game, subtitled Showdown at the Circle T. Very large, very cool old toy which stands 27 inches tall and came with a large dart gun and four darts. You first knock Harry's hat off and he raises his hands. Shoot the drawn guns out of each hand, then hit him in the belt buckle to make his pants fall down. My copy has the gun and two darts but came with a broken right wrist that had been secured with cellophane tape. I was able to remove the tape and glue the wrist back together with some minimal paper tearing. Item number 3929 dated 1964.

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Harry is shown here in three different states: ready to draw, after having his hat shot off with guns drawn, and completely unarmed (and un-pants'd as well).

Hands Up Harry pose Hands Up Harry pose Hands Up Harry pose
Hands Up Harry Box

Name: Hands Up Harry
Manufacturer: Transogram
Vintage: 1964
Obtained: From eBay.
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