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Back in the day, I was a huge collector of gumball charms, though I knew them as trinkets at the time. They used to be mixed right in with the gumballs in penny machines--no need for pesky capsules. I had something over 200 of them as a kid and used to dump them out of the coffee can I stored them in and count them over and over. Not sure how many I have now; feel free to count them for me and let me know. Here is my massive collection of loose charms and a few dozen gumball machine header cards that hang on the wall of my toy room. Still have a few openings on the bulletin board so I'll likely have to buy more...

Note that Cracker Jack toys/prizes are often lumped in with Gumball Charms but they mostly didn't have loops on them. I do have a handful of Cracker Jack toys elsewhere and some of these might also be from Cracker Jack.

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Other toys in my collection that use or make charm-like objects: Clean Sweep Game by Schaper, Coney Island Penny Machine by Remco, Feeley Meeley Game by Milton Bradley, Metal Molder by Toymax, Three Keys to Treasure by Marx.

Gumball Charms
Gumball Charms top left of the wall

Gumball Charms top right of the wall

Gumball Charms middle left of the wall

Gumball Charms middle right of the wall

Gumball Charms bottom left of the wall

Gumball Charms bottom right of the wall

Name: Gumball Charms
Manufacturer: Various Manufacturers
Vintage: 1950s-1990s
Obtained: Almost all came from eBay.
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