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This is the re-issue of the Green Ghost Game by Marx Toys. Originally from Transogram in the mid 1960s, the Green Ghost Game was a great big scary game meant to be played with in the dark. My brother had one and I remember us playing with it. Item No. 3905, re-issued by Marx in 1997, this is a very faithful reproduction of the original and features the original box art. The game is huge with the box measuring a whopping 28 x 11 x 6 inches.

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Green Ghost Box End
The end of the box.
Green Ghost Box Face
The box face itself.


Name: Green Ghost Game
Manufacturer: Marx
Vintage: 1997 re-issue of 1965 Transogram game
Obtained: Directly from Marx (1-800-621-MARX, no longer available from them)
Other Links: Instructions (Transogram version, compliments of Timewarp Toys)
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