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This is a way cool Radio Control Submarine called the Explorer 7. The box boasts that the sub is "New Advanced Technology." Manufactured by Unidac Corp. this is item no. 8701 dated 1987. The sub is controlled via radio transmitter up to 100 feet away. When the sub reaches the limits of radio control range, it will automatically begin to circle so you never lose control. Also, once the antenna is submersed the sub will no longer dive so that it doesn't end up on the bottom. About 19 inches long, the sub uses 2 D, 4 AA, and one 9 volt battery and moves via jets of pumped water, no propellers needed. When I saw this toy, I knew I had to have it. This one is missing the instructions and the sub's antenna. I've fabricated an antenna but have yet to try the bugger out.

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Explorer 7 Submarine Box Explorer 7 Submarine
Name: Explorer 7 Radio Control Submarine
Manufacturer: Unidac Corporation
Vintage: 1987
Obtained: At a toy show here in Albuquerque
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