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The Enlarg-A-Graph by Emenee is a cool battery operated drawing toy. It comes with four sets of transparencies that are placed on a clear shelf inside the light box. The knob on the right will move this shelf up and down to enlarge the image to the size of your choice. My copy is complete and even has the four sets of transparencies nearly unseparated. The four themes included are: space travel, circus, farm, old west. Additional sets were available through the mail. Very neat toy, item number 4108 dated 1963.

Other drawing toys in my collection: Electric Drawing Set by Lakeside Toys, Mighty Men & Monster Maker by Tomy, Trace-A-Graph also by Emenee, and of course the most popular drawing toy ever, Spirograph by Hasbro.

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Enlarg-A-Graph Box Emenee Enlarg-A-Graph
Name: Enlarg-A-Graph
Manufacturer: Emenee
Vintage: 1960s
Obtained: From eBay .
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