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The Electronic Detective by Ideal is a classic electronic game of the 70s. Twenty suspects with names like Rose Pettle and Candy Roll each have information about the murder and the electronic detective will provide their answers via the classic red LED display. My copy is missing three cards but a sheet included with the game has the questions reprinted so I can still play. Update: when I was scanning the instructions I found the three missing cards in the pad of Case Fact Sheets. Woo Hoo! Item number 2053-7 dated 1979.

I've scanned the Electronic Detective Instructions including the keying guide (in case you're missing cards) and the Case Fact Sheet.

Even though the game can be played using the instructions and ignoring the suspect cards, some folks might still want a complete set. I've scanned all 20 suspect cards into a huge (5.1MB) PDF file. Download the file, print onto some card stock, and cut them out for a crisp new set. Or just download and view to see the wacky names and mug shots.

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Electronic Detective Game Box Ideal Electronic Detective Game
Name: Electronic Detective
Manufacturer: Ideal
Vintage: 1979
Obtained: From eBay .
Other Links: Electronic Detective Rules compliments of Gamebits - nice text format
Electronic Detective Instructions - scan of original instructions including Case Fact Sheet
Suspect Cards - scan of the 20 cards in a printable (5.1MB) PDF file
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