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Transogram came up with a difficult quiz game with The Book of Knowledge Electromatic Dial Quiz. Replaceable cards have questions for the 9-12 year olds on one side and for 13-adult on the other. Once a card is in place the user picks a question/term to answer/define, then either spells out or picks the answer. In the case of question "Tokyo is the capital of _____?" one starts with the arrow on the dial pointing down to the red "home" arrow, then puts the stylus in the hole by the "J" and turns the dial (like an old rotary phone) to the home arrow. The stylus is moved to the "A" and the dial turned and so on until "JAPAN" has been spelled out. Then put the stylus in the small hole by the original question and see if the answer light lights up, which happens only if the answer was right (and spelled correctly). How complex is that???

Some cards have sets of answers, like 'Nationality' and 'Occupation', that must be put together to identify the term. For example, "JOHN BURGOYNE" is correctly identified as an "ENGLISH" "GENERAL". Note that these questions and the cards shown below are the 9-12 age cards. Apparently, in the late 50s kids were much smarter than they are now. My copy of the game works and appears complete but has the most horribly butchered box of any toy I own. Item number 388-298 dated 1961.

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Electromatic Dial Quiz Game by Transogram Electromatic Dial Quiz Game by Transogram Things 'N' Places questions Famous People of History questions
Name: Electromatic Dial Quiz
Manufacturer: Transogram
Vintage: 1961
Obtained: From eBay .
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