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POP the trashcan-
sweep like mad-
get the good stuff-
skip the bad

Absolutely the coolest game I had as a child. From Schaper, the makers of Cootie, the Clean Sweep game was some of the most fun you can imagine. Load the litter into the trash can and pop it up to throw it all over the board. Sweep the "Pearly White" good litter into your corner and the multi-colored "bad litter" into your opponent's. Good litter counted 5 points for a single, 15 points for doubles, and 25 points for three-of-a-kind. Subtract one point for each piece of bad trash. Wow. Displayed here are two different versions of the game, both are item number 600 dated 1967.

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Other games in my collection that have lots of little wacky parts to lose: Feeley Meeley by Milton Bradley, Rattle Me Bones by Tyco, Sharkies Diner by Marx, Tiltin' Milton by Ideal.

Clean Sweep Game Box
The box is as I remember it from my youth. Shows much more trash than came with the game. My box had two corner splits, one that was repaired some time ago using what appears to be first-aid tape (argh!!!!!!).


Clean Sweep Game
The game as set up to play. This is the older version and the one I had as a child. Various plastic obstacles are placed onto the board to make it a bit more difficult to find all the trash. Bridges, park benches, signs (No Littering), a telephone booth, and a street light as well as the trash can itself came in different colors. My game has a few problems with the plastic parts with the tabs on the bottom snapped off of some.

Clean Sweep Game Contents
Clean Sweep Game Instructions

Clean Sweep Game Box
The box for the newer version. This particular box was attacked by it's owner in some kind of rage. There are (were) 29 dime-sized holes punched through the box lid. The holes have been repaired with clear tape and a wallpaper roller and don't look painfully bad from a distance.


Clean Sweep Game
The newer game as set up to play. Unfortunately, Schaper did what many toy manufacturers do and took the original game and cheapened it. In this version, the obstacles are merely part of the graphic on the game board and the brooms are all the same color. The method of holding the trash can inplace by slipping through the bottom of the board is much improved over the original small plastic tabs that tended to snap off. Still fun, but not as fun as the original.


Clean Sweep Game Litter
The litter itself. Good litter in white, bad litter in colors. Originally came with over 100 pieces (including three of each good litter), both of my games have about 85 pieces. Interestingly, the older box shows no brown litter even though there was brown litter included and the newer box shows brown litter even though there was not brown litter included. The older box also shows a chrome colored flashlight among the litter. Also interesting is the scale of pieces as the pocket watch and the grand piano are the same size. OK, so I am anal retentive and easily amused.

Name: Clean Sweep Game
Manufacturer: Schaper
Vintage: Late 1960s
Obtained: Both came from eBay .
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