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The Bullet Skyliner elevated train set by Trans Lunar is definately cool. I didn't remember this toy and was apprised of its existence by a Toybox visitor who asked me if I knew the name of it. Thankfully he found the name and emailed me back with the name and a picture after he found one on eBay. Below are both the A Set, a simple round track and the B Set with four straight track sections to make a huge oval. You can run the train in only a lower half of the track using connectors or make the track into full tubes. My A train is missing one of the battery covers but still works and my B Set train is missing both. No date on the boxes, the A Set is item 154 and the B Set is item 155, I believe both are from the late 1960s. The red wooden blocks in my A Set were likely added by a helpful dad and not part of the original set.

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Other train related toys in my collection include the Mighty Mike Astro Train by Remco and a Disney Paradise Pier Mini-Monorail set on my miscellaneous toys page. There are a handful of bullet train and monorail toys and model kits available through Amazon.com.


Bullet Skyliner by Trans Lunar Box

Bullet Skyliner by Trans Lunar

Here is a short video of my toy assembed and in action.


Bullet Skyliner by Trans Lunar - B Set Box

Bullet Skyliner by Trans Lunar - B Set

Name: Bullet Skyliner
Manufacturer: Trans Lunar
Vintage: 1970
Obtained: From eBay .
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