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Blabber Mouth Radios by Nasta, while not literally toys are still incredibly cool playthings. Each has a lower lip that is balanced and moves with the music or voices. There were at least these four different models made, perhaps more. The first one is item number 21062 dated 1986. George Washington, whose tongue moves instead of his lower lip, is dated 1985. Some of the radios were branded as 'Realistic' and sold through Radio Shacks.

The final picture is of the Hot Lips radio by Premium. No date but I purchased it new in 2004. You might still be able to get this one on

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Blabber Mouth Radio with its Box

Blabber Mouth Mouse Radio


Blabber Mouth Dog Radio

Blabber Mouth Dollar Radio

Hot Lips Radio

Name: Blabber Mouth Radio
Manufacturer: Power-Tronic by Nasta
Vintage: 1986
Obtained: From eBay.
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